The Alcock Society is a national anatomical society aiming to support research and education in clinical anatomy. We are passionate about the importance of anatomy and its teaching for both undergraduates and trainee surgeons.

The Alcock Society encourages both those with experience and training in medical, surgical and scientific fields to present their research and engage in debate via the national conference held annually at the Gordon Museum of Pathology based at Guy’s Campus, King’s College London.

The 2018/2019 committee includes surgical trainees and teachers of anatomy from across the United Kingdom:

President: Mr Peter Macneal

Vice president: Mr Alan Salih

Treasurer: Dr Shyama Chadha

Sponsorship: Dr Rahul Pankhania and Dr Andrew Bircher

Social Media: Dr Harry Whitehouse and Dr Anuj Wali

Medical School Liaison Officer: Dr Nimlan Shanmugathas

Publicity Secretary: Dr Roshni Shah and Dr Dharminder Dhillon

IT Co-ordinator: Dr Theo Pelly

Secretary: Dr Henry Bowyer

Anatomy Course Officers: Ms Rahee Mapara and Ms Juliet Laycock

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